Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting Modern

Recently, Mike and I went to a terrific performance of "Thoroughly Modern Millie." Set during the 1920's, Millie comes to New York City from a small rural town aiming to experience the "Modern Life". Unlike Mille, I've moved to a small town on the edge of a greater metropolis. However, this hasn't stopped me from also wanting to be modern. This blog is an attempt to follow that desire -- I don't want everyone to pass me by! You can also find me on Facebook.
Here is a video slide show of a beautiful friend and her darling baby girl. This was a very enjoyable photoshoot. What a great baby!

I'd love to read your comments...


  1. Gorgeous baby and gorgeous pictures! Those turned out so great! You need to do some of Preston for me. - Andrea

  2. Hey Julie, how fun, I love that you have a photo blog! I found you from Andrea's. I will be watching for new posts!! I'll be in Utah for the last week of June and I'd love to get together with some of my cousins.

  3. I just love that show!

    Thanks for your comment. Sorry about getting everyone sick. Really sorry.

    In my defense, at least your kids are start enough to try and make it to the toilet? I cleaned up a LOT of puke.

    Actually, my mom did. I was busy...

    Hope you don't hate me.

    LOVE your pictures.
    I might have to elicit your services next time I am in town. You are incredible!

  4. Wow!!!! You have so many talents!!! And welcome to the blogging world!